We’re all about spreading knowledge and wisdom. So, we compiled a list of our friends, colleagues and other awesome vendors who can share some awesome products and drop some life-changing knowledge on you.

Please keep in mind that we aren’t responsible for their content. We aren’t getting paid to share them with you. We’re doing it because we’re trying to give you the best chance to be hard to kill.

Gear and Supplies

NOLA Nobody Designs
Nola Nobody Designs
Makers of Nobody Bands. Keep your rifle sling nice and neat while stored. Sling is easily deployed from band in two different ways.
Sapper Spy Designs
Sapper Spy Design
The #1 Place for Logos, Decals, Goon Related Paraphernalia, Shirts, as well as artwork, logo design.
Designer and Creator of Kilo5 Supply Co. labels and logos!

Prepper Up
Retail Location specializing in Firearms, Preparedness Supplies, Ammunition and more.
Kilo5 Supply Co. Products In Stock Here!


Baseline Training Manual
A link to the Amazon listing for the first of many in the Tactical Wisdom Series by Joe Dolio.
A link to the Amazon listing for the second installment in the Tactical Wisdom series by Joe Dolio.
Mongol Moon
A link to the Amazon listing for the hit novel by Mark Sibley.
Babylon’s Fallen Star
A link to the Amazon listing for the amazing read written by the incredible Molly Miller.

Intelligence and Knowledge

Tactical Wisdom Blog
Joe Dolio, a US Marine with a lot of worthwhile knowledge and interesting perspective. His website where he posts great pieces about preparedness and fieldcraft is a treasure trove for anyone looking for information or guidance.
Uncle Zo
Amateur gunslinger. Novice competitive shooter. Fledgling hunter. Liberty junkie. Freedom addict. Pug wrangler. Opinionated blogger.
Libertas Instruction
The premier choice for firearms training and defense courses in the Mid-West US and beyond.
The CHAD Bureau
The CHAD Bureau
This serves as part micro-publishing house, part blog and a collection of the latest works of the talented Molly Miller.
Our friends at IntelPointAlert on the Bird App release breaking intel alerts, clearly and concisely with frequent updates and links to sources. We love’em. You should too. Give’em a follow!
The United States has entered a period of turbulence referred to as Low Intensity Conflict.
Forward Observer provides situational awareness and early warning for what’s ahead.


Zenfinity Designs
They have a bunch of really nice, custom made jewelry, pendants and necklaces.
These Green Eyes
Based Friends of Kilo5 Supply Co. A rock band that has been on several US Nationwide tours such as The Warped Tour.
Dominion Labs
Pre-Workout and Supplements
No Explanation Needed