We’re all about spreading the love. Figuratively and literally. So we compiled a list of our friends, colleagues and other awesome vendors who can share some kick-ass fucking products and drop the knowledge bomb on ya. Please keep in mind though. We aren’t responsible for their content. We aren’t getting paid to share these with you. We are doing it because these are our friends, and they’re fucking awesome. 

Kilo5 Products In Stock Here! Retail Location specializing in Firearms, Preparedness Supplies, Ammunition and more.
Current Events & Commentary on Gun Control and Crime.
Uncle Zo shares his opinions in a no non-sense way about guns, caliber debates, gun control, preparedness and more.
A link to the Amazon listing for one of the best preparedness books we've ever got our hands on by a true friend to Kilo5 Supply Co., Mr. Joe Dolio.
Joe Dolio, a US Marine with a metric fuckton of knowledge. His website where he posts great pieces about preparedness and fieldcraft is a treasure trove for anyone looking for information or perspective.
Mark Sibley is a corporate crisis manager and war gamer. He's developed and facilitated over a hundred war games for various organizations over the years and managed as many real-world crises for those organizations.
The premier choice for firearms training and defense courses in the Mid-West US and beyond.
The #1 Place for Logos, Decals, Goon Related Paraphernalia, Shirts, as well as artwork, logo design.
Based Friends of Kilo5 Supply Co. A rock band that has been on several US Nationwide tours such as The Warped Tour.
Zenfinity Designs has a bunch of really nice, custom made jewelry, pendants and necklaces.