About Us

“Ready for work”

“The Kilo 5 (Aries Kit) is well stocked, well thought-out, and in a quality pouch that I keep attached to my vehicle emergency kit.”

“Hands down the most well-thought out kit I’ve had in 15 years of doing this.”

“I want Chad to father my children.”

These are just some of the things said about our products. But they’re not just products to us. We don’t just sell you shit. We care about your well-being, and that may be influenced by what we put in our kits. So we take it seriously.

We have experience in Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Fire and Rescue, Military, Law Enforcement and Tactical Medicine as well as some off the wall random experiences that mold the way we build our kits. 

We aren’t politically correct. We aren’t “for everybody” and we aren’t going to apologize for that. We aren’t here to be a patron saint of the uncancelled. We’re here to do a job which is to help keep you alive and kicking. We’re pretty good at that.