Well, what are we doing here? That’s easy. We take the guess work out of acquiring first aid supplies. We curate what we think is the best option, then we package it and provide it to you at a cost that isn’t going to break your bank. 

Sure, we aren’t 100% Made In America. We find things we like, wherever they happen to be. We test them until the wheels fall off until we’re comfortable we’re giving you the best we can. We assemble them and send them to you.

No, Kilo5 Supply Co. is not our full-time job. We’re still in the field, taking care of people. So we put kits together in the United States, pack and ship them when we get your order.  We don’t drop ship. We don’t have a warehouse. We do this because we care about people. 

4x4 Gauze Pads

What if you run into a problem or you want something that you don’t see? Tap the “Contact Us” button on top and give us a shout. We do custom orders. We provide logistical support for some of the biggest companies in the United States in regards to medical and aid supplies.

We’re not ran by some mucky-muck robber baron tycoon in Boca Raton, sitting on his yacht surrounded by his three trophy wives. We’re ran by EMTs, Paramedics, LE, Military and Security professionals. We actually do the shit that this gear was designed to play a role in.

So check out our shop, check out our editorials, and feel free to get at us if you have any questions.