Kilo5 Supply Co.

NOTE – 10/25/2021: We’re currently moving our operation from one state to another. Please bare with us and we’ll be back in operation shortly. For any information or questions, please e-mail

Well, what are we doing here? That’s easy. Kilo5 Supply Co. provides a simple solution to a sometimes complex issue: Tactical oriented medical supplies at a fair price.

Who are we and why should you come to us? We’re the people who actually use the things we’re providing to you. Kilo5 Supply Co. and our base of knowledge includes, but is not limited to: High-Volume, Critical Care, Fixed/Rotary Wing and Tactical EMS, Fire and Technical Rescue, Law Enforcement, Emergency Communications and Disaster Management, the US Military, and more. With our team, there’s a combined 60 years of experience to draw from. And, we’ve been providing supplies as a company since 2018.

We have a really simple philosophy about giving you service:

Kilo5 Supply Co. Mantra

We curate the best items, in our opinion, we package them and send them to you at a price that isn’t going to break your budget. If you want something, but don’t see it on our Shop page, hit the Contact Us button above and let us know what you’d like to see.